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Download lines fairing output documents examples. file contain following files:
- LinesFairing.igs - IGES file with hull surface.
- LinesFairing.sat - SAT file with hull surface.
- LinesFairing.stp - STEP file with hull surface.
- LinesFairing_BodyLines4View.dxf - AutoCad DXF file lines drawing with building frames and stations.
- LinesFairing_ShellExpansion.dxf - AutoCad DXF file with shell expansion template drawing.
- Table of offsets LinesFairing.pdf - PDF document with offset table.
- LinesFairing_Waterlines - Folder contain waterlines. Each waterline in DXF file.
- LinesFairing_LinesWl - Folder contain decks lines plan projection. Each line in DXF file.
- LinesFairing_Frames - Folder contain building frames. Each frame in DXF file.
- LinesFairing_Buttocks - Folder contain buttocks. Each buttock in DXF file.