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NC Cutting files converting

What to do if NC cutting program is not working on your cutting machine? How to manage the shipbuilding process if you build modules or blocks on different hull yards? What if all of them need different types of cutting files and cutting requirements?

The traditional approach with a large number of post-processors is expensive. MSI offer converting service for any NC programs for any type of cutting machines. The only input needed is an example of a cutting file from the cutting machine you want to use. A converter will be made available in one or two days.

Based on customer requirements, MSI offer to check, modify and completely re-nest NC programs.

Send us template for new converter and we will contact you shortly. Please note: converter template should contain outer and inner contours, marking lines.

Available converters:

Yard Code type Cutting type File type
Cherson ESSI N/S unp
Oma ESSI N/S mpg
Bareras ESSI N/S txt
Bergen ESSI N/S cnc
Ustka ESSI N/S esi
Konrem ESSI Plasma mpg
Konrem ESSI gas mpg
Stalcon ESSI N/S los
Kleven ESSI N/S ess
Riga ESSI gas cnc
Riga ESSI plasma cnc
Cemre ESSI N/S mpg
Visla ESSI gas cnc
Visla ESSI plasma esi
Kleven ESSI Rot. 180 ess
Montex ESSI N/S mpg
Holm ESSI N/S mpg
Crist ESSI N/S mpg
Cosco EIA N/S txt
Konrem EIA N/S txt
Messer mascine EIA N/S txt