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Lines fairing

Correctly faired hull lines are most important for the shipbuilding process, and fairing mistakes are obviously costly and time consuming. Using MSI software tools and lines fairing services secure access to professional expertise and highest level of quality.

 Key features:

  • Ready for production lines fairing for hull, superstructure and appendix. Any type of ship or surfaces can be exactly faired, e.g superstructure, wheelhouse, anchor pockets, thrusters and bilge keel. Rounding, shell thickness, thickness of stern bar are always taken into account and faired surface will not have any gaps between patches and can be correctly imported into the CAD system

  • Any type of preliminary lines based on 2D or 3D DXF, IGES files, scanned paper drawings and offset table can be used as prototype and starting point for fairing. If necessary, maximum deviation from the prototype can be guaranteed.

  • Export of faired data is possible to the wide range of CAD systems. Faired surface data can be transferred to most known CAD systems such as AVEVA, FORAN, NUPAS-CADMATIC, CATIA, NX Siemens.
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Download example of output documentation.

Look at "Principles of modeling ship surfaces" for more information.