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Latest News:

7.03.17 "MSI - Salt Ship Design - five years together." - new article about our cooperation with Salt Ship Design. Read MSI - Salt Ship Design - five years together.

13.12.16 Shape Maker V2.10 release now available.
-New user interface tool bars and commands,
-Better lines on surface definition,
-updated surface intersection algorithm,
-Shell plates output in "Nupas" style,
-Texts and graphical elements improved ,
-Block copy to new supported elements,
-Input line's color visualization,
And many more...

25.11.16 Shape Maker surfaces examples available for download from web site. Shape Maker surfaces examples.

25.10.16 Video training for Shape Maker added to web site. Shape Maker video training.

19.08.16 Folder downloads added to MSI web site. - here you can download latest software and examples. Download.

16.05.16 Shape Maker V2.1 release now available.
-New function for surface and lines fairing,
-More hot keys for work with lines and surfaces,
-Export DXF files improved,
-Shaded Gaussian curvature visualization for surfaces,
-New fairing algorithms,
-Visualization of working area of surfaces and lines implemented,
-New licensing system,
And many more...

19.04.16 "Ship's hull in good shape." - new article about hull shape for shipyards. Read Ship's hull in good shape.

05.03.16 "NC Solution for shipyards." - new article about tools in Maker useful for shipyards. Read NC solution for shipyards.

17.02.16 "How to make good system better." - new article about tool for integration Shape Maker, Nest Maker, and NC Maker with Nupas-Cadmatic. Read How to make good system better.

02.02.16"Shape Maker quality control tools." - new article about tool for surface fairing quality control. Read Shape Maker quality control tools.

09.11.15 Congratulations for Choren Design & Consulting with lunch of new sail ship El-Mellah. Thanks for choosing MSI for production lines fairing of this project.
El-Mellah lunch
El-Mellah lunch

11.09.15 "Drawing or modeling? Back to the Future" - new article about 3D modeling and hull structural drawings. Read Drawing or modeling? Back to the Future.

25.05.15 Siemens NX - NestMaker/NcMaker compatibility test. Read Siemens NX - NestMaker test report.

13.03.15 Updated manuals for Nest maker and NC maker available on the web site.

20.02.15 Viking Neptune was delivered from Kleven Verft. Congratulation Salt Ship Design with nice ship and thank's for choosing MSI for production lines fairing of this project.

19.02.15 MV Juanita, the first Salt ship design in operation, won the Ship of the Year 2015 award at OSJ in London. MSI was selected for production lines fairing and hull surface definition. Congratulations with nice ship Salt Ship Design

09.02.15 Information about Shape Maker features published on the web. Hull shape transformations.

12.01.15 New service for shipyards and other factories who use CNC metal sheet cutting. DXF parts nesting.

17.12.14At the close of another year, we gratefully take time to wish you a happy holiday season and prosperous New Year.

1.12.14 New free service started. Now you can check your hull lines quality with us. Shape Checker.

16.11.14 Shape Maker V2.0 release now available.
-Remote license support,
-More functions in elements context menu,
-New surfaces and lines editing functions,
-New trimming surfaces representation,
-Import/Export Iges files with support all types of surfaces and lines, including trimming,
-Improved graphics with Windows emulation for MAC computers,
-Smart object snap options,
And many more...

11.10.14 Congratulation Choren Design & Consulting with nice hull and thank's for choosing MSI for production lines fairing of this project.

12.09.14 NC Maker. NC Maker technical documentation added to web site. You can find it on Support page by clicking on NC Maker box. We will continuously improve this documentation and any comments or remarks very appreciated.

10.09.14 Q&A section added for Nest Maker.

2.09.14 Development history for Shape Maker, Nest Maker and NC Maker published on Support web page.

11.08.14 Shape Maker new release available.
New functionality added into blocks tree. New block preview window. Improved lines/surface visualization. New Import/Export IGES module implemented. Better definition for trimmed surfaces. New functionality for elements selection added. Smart objects snap function. Automatically lines adjustment algorithm improved. New floating license for corporative users added. Contact our Support to get release.

16.06.14 Look at Nest Maker presentation.

14.06.14 Look at Shape Maker presentation.

12.06.14 Read our recommendation for hull surface modeling.

11.05.14 Ship of the Year 2014. The 2014 Ship of the Year award will be presented during Hamburg´s SMM trade fair in September. For two of the three projects MSI was selected for production lines fairing and hull surface definition. Congratulations with nice design: Salt Ship Design and Multi Maritime and good luck in competition!

28.04.14 Nest Maker version 2.1 FV2.1.0.2052 available.
New functionality : Common project settings for team work. New functionality for manual nesting. New, multi-processor auto nesting module. Auto nesting in selected areas. Nupas DXF parts improved. User interface updated.Watch video. Contact our Support to get release.

10.04.14 NC Maker version 7.5 FV8.0.0.2200 available.
New functionality : Common project settings for team work. Self-cutting bridges implemented for auto-route function. Start cutting point position from any gross plate corner. Link to NUPAS database. Nested parts check function. Inlet/Outlet settings separated for inner and outer contours. Implemented new features on users' requests. Contact our Support to get release.

01.04.14 New web site design. We hope it will be useful for our visitors.