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Shape Maker©

Shape Maker is a unique ship surface modeling software. Based on free form lines and surfaces, it can make models for any type of ship surfaces like hull, superstructure, wheelhouse, masts, thrusters, anchor pockets, appendix and others. Shape Maker can be used from initial design throughout production.

 Key features:

  • Flexible tools for building free form lines and surfaces
  • Support of surface changes according to changed contour
  • Scale transformations of blocks and whole hull
  • Hierarchical structure of the objects
  • Surfaces – surface intersection and surface curves
  • Trimmed surfaces support
  • Surfaces shape control tools
  • Lines and surface fairing and adjustment tools
  • Hydrostatic calculations data
  • Output drawings files in DXF, offset table
  • Import/export DXF, IGES
  • Import and visualization of the CFD results
  • Inflection lines, curvature visualization

Shape Maker presentation.
Shape release notes.

Shape Maker video training.