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Remodeling hull shape.

Remodeling hull shape

Very often we receive models of hull surfaces which have a lot of small surface patches. Some of them even is not connected to each other. Due to huge number of patches fixing of this problems may take a lot of time. Another aspect of this problem – some of programs works not stable or just slow with this surfaces. For example it may be a problem to make CNC program for milling machine.
We consider use such surface only as a prototype and recreate out own patches on top it. Our patches have more natural splitting – flat side, flat bottom, fore and aft surfaces, parallel mid body and etc.

Remodeling hull shape

With our surfaces we can control number of nodes and mesh distribution. In general it is a first step for lines fairing, but in our case we need only adjust our surface to prototype as close as possible. We use auto adjustment function in Shape Maker. System automatically recognize surfaces and lines from prototype surfaces for adjustment. User need only select little bit bugger area for that. Process redefinition of hull surface you can see on our video.